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As an international LSEPC & EPCM provider in China, our experience of working with Chinese engineering & construction companies on a wide range of domestic and international projects allows us to better understand the issue and provides for a higher quality project for our clients. The following is a summary of benefits we brings to our clients;

  • Excellent construction safety record in China
  • International style LSEPC, EPCM and PMC performance in China
  • Customer focused organization; our senior management is committed to developing solid client relationships and successful project execution
  • Strong project management teams lead by internationally qualified and experienced bilingual Project Managers. Familiarity with Western project management systems and execution procedures
  • VerySys our Intelligent Project Management Systems will help improve quality and improve manpower efficiency allowing us to effectively reduce our project man-hours

Maison Global has proven that we can provide our client with Higher Project Management Performance at Lower Cost